Before I Sleep Tonight…

October 20, 2019

Before I sleep tonight…

Someone asked me why I am writing about the last 10 days…

When I needed to write it 3 years ago, I was so paralyzed that I couldn’t.

I wish it were written for me.

I am not writing to show how strong I am or was because I was not.

I am not writing for attention because anyone that knows me to know that I like the shadows.

I am writing for someone who is wondering if there is light in the darkness.

I am writing, so someone knows there is a full life to live after the death of a spouse and you must live it!

I am writing to let someone know that you can and will love again.

I am writing to let someone know that grief does not have a time stamp on the amount of time you need to grieve. YOU and GOD control the narrative and NO ONE ELSE!

Finally, I am writing because the LORD told me to write.

The night when I wanted to end my life, HE told me I still have work to do.
I needed to tell others like me not to lose hope. GOD will work it all out for you. He will help you find wise counsel and be with you every step of the way.

We are never alone.
GOD is always with us!

I love you all! 😘❤️😘



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