Fear Is Not in My Vocabulary

October 3, 2018

I was on the prayer line this morning and my Pastor/Brother Minister Kai Brown was talking about fear.

I have come to realize that fear is not a primary word in my vocabulary!!
Do you know what fear means…?
Dread, concern, terror, anxiety, horror, distress, and worry.  These are all the things the enemy uses to distract us from what God has called us to do!

What is the opposite of fear…
Calmness, confidence, assurance, conviction, belief, trust, and faith.
These are all the things that the Lord instills in us to defeat fear from the enemy.

Yes, I do get scared and I don’t want to do what’s particular task that the Lord has given me to do… but since I don’t want to hinder my blessings or the blessings of others that may benefit from what God has told me to do…

I take a deep breath, ask the Lord to help me, and then I just put on…
My brave face
My confident face
My I can conquer the world ONLY because God is by my side face…
Then I just go for it!!

If God has called truly called you to do something, trust me, he has equipped you with everything you need to complete the task.
After all the things I have experienced over the past couple of years, I refuse to give the devil any ammunition!  Life is too short and precious to live in fear.

I will not allow the enemy to run my life, emotions, and definitely not my destiny!
He only has power over what we allow him to have power over.  So, don’t give him any power!

Don’t allow the enemy to keep you in a defeatist mentally!

Live your life according to God’s purpose for you…
Ask Jesus into your life…
Do something you have always dreamed of doing…
Speak UP!!
Write that book…
Apply for college, grad school, your Ph.D…
Start a business…
Love again…
Live, laugh, and be happy…
Step out on Faith…
Take a chance!
More importantly, give God a chance!

Only God knows what he has called you to do or become!
Because with Him in our corner we have nothing to lose… but we have everything to gain!

I love you all!
Have an Amazingly Blessed Day!

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