Out of the Darkness

February, 1 2018

When the going gets tough, the tough stands strong In CHRIST

“I am GOD, yes, I AM.  I haven’t changed. And because I haven’t changed, you, the descendants of Jacob, haven’t been destroyed.”  (Malachi 3: 6 MSG)

The enemy has many tricks but his best trick on is preying on the weak in spirit.  There are many ways to become weak in spirit… Mine is grief.

Let me share with you my experience and where I was…

The darkness is not a good place…
In the darkness things fester
In the darkness, the enemy shouts destruction
In the darkness, there is pain and suffering
In the darkness, there is loneliness and depression
In the darkness, there is suicidal thoughts
In the darkness, I have trouble seeing the cross
In the darkness, there is no rest
In the darkness my future seems like it is a mess
In the darkness is a place I used to be
In the darkness, my LORD found me
In the darkness I reached and cried out to my LORD and HE delivered me from me.

The lines above are real because it happened to me.
There is a reason why the scriptures say, “The light overcomes the darkness”
The darkness is real, evil, remorseless, and it tries me on a daily basis.

Even this morning!

I resided there not because I was weak, but because I experience the worse loss of my life.  The enemy used this to set up my new home, and he was and he was my new BFF.

Now do not judge me just because I was in the darkness, because I pray you never have to walk in my moccasins.  I pray you will never know my pain.
The darkness had its hold on me but…  HALLELUJAH

The LIGHT OF THE WORLD pulled me out of my dark home the enemy prepared for me and pulled me into his marvelous light.
Wherever the light shines, the darkness has to flee!
“The LIGHT shines in the darkness and the darkness can NEVER extinguish it!”  (John 1:5 NLT)

God did not changed. He was always there, and I lost my way.

Through the diagnosis
Through the treatments
Through the hospital stays
Through the in home care
Through the ER visits
Through the ICU
Through the transition
Through the home going
Through the grief
Through the darkness

‘‘In the LIGHT” has gloriously replaced all those “In the darkness” statements

In the LIGHT I flourish and grow
In the LIGHT, my GOD whispers words of affirmation, hope, and prosperity
In the LIGHT I find healing and Grace
In the LIGHT, I find love and acceptance
In the LIGHT, I find Resurrection, Rebirth, and Restoration
In the LIGHT the foot of the cross is in my sight and there I stand
In the LIGHT l, find supernatural Peace.
In the LIGHT, my future is promising and bright.
In the LIGHT is where I choose to take Refuge.
In the LIGHT, I am beautiful, strong, courageous, successful, kind, loving, and alive!

I am not saying this is easy, because it is NOT but I CHOOSE on a daily basis not to be consumed by the evil in the darkness.  Even this morning standing on the brink, I made a decision!

So when the enemy tries to pull me back I keep looking towards the hills and remember where my help comes from!

In the LIGHT I am because HE is!!

I Love You All!

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