”In This World but Not Of It”

This Morning Prayer focus was… ”In this world but not of it”

This road we walk will be marked with pain and suffering.  However, it is all in the way we handle it.

Remember, Jesus said “They (we) are not of this world, Just as I am not of this world” And ”Do not Conform to the things of this world” (John 17:16)

I will choose…yes, and I do mean CHOOSE to walk in the anointing that HE has given to me!

We all have a Choice to do whatever we want to do. We can continue in our old life, old ways of thinking, old ways of acting, OR we can CHOOSE the one who came to give us life!  We can CHOOSE to die OR follow JESUS. It is all a part of the “free will” that God has given us.

We ALL also have a calling on our lives, and once again, we can CHOOSE to accept OR reject it.
I know that in the midst of my own darkness and despair, I will always CHOOSE to say,” Lord Blessed Be Your Name”.

For this, I am very grateful!

I Love you all!


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