I Choose

October 1, 2016

Today will be a week that my Michael has been gone…

I wish I could tell you that my heart is not broken and everything is okay in my world….. truth? It’s not.  My sweet husband went home with the Lord last Tuesday and from the moment I felt his heart stop and he and the Lord left that hospital room, my world has been turned upside down and will never ever be the same.

I did not know that the last time we danced to our song, on my birthday, would be the last time we danced together.  What I would give to hear him say “My Lee Lee” one more time. But, as Job said, “Though you slay me, Yet will I trust you.”

I hurt
I cry
I laugh
I cry again
I also rejoice!!

I choose to rejoice because I have experienced pure love & joy for 28 years, from day 1!
I choose to rejoice because his family was and is still loved.
I choose to rejoice because my Michael leaves behind a legacy that his daughters and I can be proud of.
I choose to rejoice because I know my husband is in a much better place with Lord.
I choose to go on because I know that the Lord has great things in store for Michael Law’s Lovely Law Ladies.

I thank God that he lived a life that we can now look back upon and celebrate.
I thank God because I know that I was loved unconditionally and I loved my Michael with that same agape love.
I thank you God for a husband and father that supported his family, but kept us grounded when our ideas were wild and crazy!
I thank you God for giving me the extreme pleasure to share my life with Michael David Law, and I will think of you baby, only on “Two Occasions”, day and night.

I love you baby, now and forever more and I will see you soon….

Your Lee Lee

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